Friday, November 9, 2007

One of the reasons it's been so crazy busy is that I just got back from 2 exams in Las Vegas. My co-worker was my tour guide. We walked around a lot and saw a couple shows--including Mamma Mia which was a lot of fun.

I didn't get any good pictures with my camera phone, but I had this funny one of Levi on there from an earlier shoe shopping trip...

Here is our underwater themed trunk from the trunk or treat...

More later,


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  1. I love your pictures. The one of Levi "shopping" is darling. That is the way I feel when I cannot find what I want. AJ and Levi have really cute Halloween costumes. Blue is my favorite color, AJ. I love cowboys, Levi. Have a great day.

    Grandma Sudholt


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